Features and benefits

Find the right person
at the right time

Filling your open positions has never been easier. With Michelin's Technician On Demand platform, you can hire on a gig-by-gig basis, meaning you get quality work exactly when you need it.


Quality Work

All technicians have gone through an application process and are qualified and trustworthy. Our talented technicians are ready to deliver excellence to your worksite.


Increased Flexibility

Our platform promotes flexibility, so you can get the work you need, exactly when you need it. You can start building your on-demand workforce with just the click of a button.


Streamlined Benefits

On-demand technicians get the benefits of a full-time employee, from workers' compensation to insurance. But the best part is that you can leave handling the W2s, 1099s, and benefits to us and focus on doing what you do best.


Specialized Staffing For You

You get the expertise of a headhunter, the control of an online job posting site, and a pre-qualified technician to meet your need. No more dealing with administrative headaches. Schedule only what you need. No minimum usage requirements or fees. Technician On Demand is free to you, provided by Michelin.

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