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We’re out to solve a common problem that is hindering work in too many places. Companies are looking for help and people are looking for jobs. But for a variety of reasons, the search for both parties can be long and hard.

We get it. We built Springboard based on our many years in the staffing industry, our understanding of how the gig economy is changing today’s workforce, and our success at creating a platform for matching employers and workers in the healthcare industry.

We’ve made the leap from old school staffing to a tech-enabled approach that enables employee-employer matches on an exponentially larger scale. We’re now ready to take this same proven solution to other industries to help more employers and job-seekers with their work-related needs.

About Us

Our Values

Leading Innovation

Integrity for All

We aim to help people build and preserve the integrity that comes from being able to find work, earn a living, and support themselves and their families.

Rapid Delivery

Long Term Commitment

We’re here for the long haul. We’re committed to growing our platform larger everyday so that more people in more places have a quick, reliable solution for their work-related needs.

Family Oriented

Tenacious Innovation

We love creating easy-to-use technology that allows people to do their best work. We’re innovators and optimizers who are constantly looking for ways to make the Springboard platform an even more powerful engine for connecting employers and job-seekers.


A Service Mindset

By taking on professional liability and other employment-related responsibilities, we’re freeing people from paperwork and other employment-related hassles so they can focus on what they do best.

The App for The Workforce of Tomorrow

We believe in our ability to help others solve problems and to make work more accessible to everyone.


We work hard to make sure that respect is given to all in the workplace. Our work is meant to be a beacon, a clear indicator of our worth and values.