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Gale United Launches Springboard; 

Digital Marketplace To Help Meet Labor Shortage


New subsidiary leverages innovative tech model that has driven 

massive healthcare service success


Tampa, FLMay 17, 2022 – Gale United (Gale), the parent company of Gale Healthcare Solutions, today announced the launch of Springboard, a new subsidiary focused on supporting the non-clinical workforce needs of healthcare clients as well as other sectors with supplemental staffing needs. Along with healthcare facilities, Springboard will serve the hospitality and light industrial sectors. 


Based on the success of Gale Healthcare’s technology and business model, Springboard offers an app-based digital staffing marketplace to connect temporary workers to flexible work opportunities and daily pay. 


“Since experiencing the power of our technology, Gale Healthcare clients have repeatedly asked about similar staffing and payment services for non-clinical positions, ” said Aaron Littles, Gale’s Chief Operating Officer. “Springboard allows us to respond quickly with the additional support they need, providing a complete staffing solution while also serving an even larger universe of companies that depend on supplemental staff.” 


Along with Gale technology, Springboard addresses growing worker interest in flexible work options and immediate access to earned wages.


According to a recent MBO Partners study, 52% of the US workforce will either be gig economy workers or will have worked in the gig economy at some point by 2023. In addition, a 2021 Harris Poll found that 83% of workers believe they should have immediate access to their pay at the end of each workday or shift.


Based on a deep understanding of healthcare facility needs, Springboard will offer healthcare clients workers for dietary, housekeepers, and other non-clinical positions.  Springboard will also serve other sectors that are impacted by current labor shortages. 


Companies that use Springboard will gain access to a diverse pool of vetted temporary workers and a proven on-demand staffing and worker payment platform. Individuals who sign up with Springboard will be able to create a professional profile, find available jobs in their area, accept the jobs they want, and receive same-day pay for the shifts they complete. 


About Springboard

Springboard is a technology-enabled workforce management platform that connects workers and companies in need of supplemental staff.  A subsidiary of Gale United, Springboard is powered by the technology that has powered and enabled exponential growth of its affiliate, Gale Healthcare Solutions.  Designed to address the U.S. labor shortage, Springboard serves non-clinical needs in the healthcare industry, as well as hospitality, storage and distribution, and light manufacturing industries. Based in Tampa, Springboard is led by an executive team with more than 100 years of collective staffing, technology, and payroll management expertise. For more information, please visit usespringboard.com and follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  


About Gale Healthcare Solutions

Gale Healthcare Solutions is a leading technology-enabled healthcare services and payments platform that provides per diem, contract, and travel temporary staffing services and software licensing services in post-acute and acute healthcare settings. Designed to address the national nursing shortage, the mobile and web-based Gale app connects nursing professionals directly to healthcare facilities in need of clinical staff, and provides caregivers with daily pay. Gale workforce management solutions include recruiting, credentialing, scheduling, time and attendance, communications, and pay. Based in Tampa, Gale offers a national clinical workforce of more than 45,000 clinicians and serves clients in 39 states. For more information, please visit galehealthcaresolutions.com and follow the company on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.


About Gale United

Gale United is a U.S.-based holding company that specializes in the development of temporary staffing digital technology and is the parent organization of Gale Healthcare Solutions, Inc. and Springboard, Inc. A pioneer in bringing on-demand staffing apps and daily pay to the healthcare industry, the company has expanded to allow licensing of its software and to serve additional business sectors with workforce management needs.  Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Gale United is led by Tony Braswell, Chief Executive Officer of Gale Healthcare, and operates in 39 states.


Media Contact: 

Grace Riehl